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Take Your Stand and Be Empowered

January 15, 2014
Take Your Stand and Be Empowered

Take charge

Do you crave tangible impact for rivers in your area? When you donate, do you wonder where your support goes? Welcome to a new option offered by NOR: Sending river law information packets to the government agency (or person) of your choice. That’s right—give NOR the name and address of where you want the information packet to be sent, and the agencies in your area will receive revolutionary information explaining how rivers should be open to the public, and non-destructive recreation should be unhindered. This option gives you a direct way to advance river rights in your area

What do the packets include? NOR’s groundbreaking resources: the posterhandoutPublic Rights on Rivers book, and topped off by a NOR letter explaining the urgency of implementing and sharing this information with other law enforcement and locals. In spite of the busy lifestyles many of us have, this option gives you the ability to make a difference and take a more active role. You know the people in your area who need this information, so band together with NOR and have this vital information communicated to them.

river law information packet

Find out where other people have sent packets and send your own packet today by clicking here

What’s next?

Once government agencies receive the information packets, what about the follow-up, making sure that river law ensuring public rights is applied? That’s where you come in, teaming up with NOR. We are in the preliminary stages of recruiting NOR Representatives around the nation. If you are passionate about making the rivers in your area “forever free,” you are who we’re looking for! More information about becoming a NOR Representative is coming soon…stay tuned!

Enabling YOU to make a difference

Too often, and for too long, other organizations have told you to simply support the work of people who will supposedly fight the river rights battle on your behalf through new legislation and litigation. However, that’s a false path to follow, because public rights have already been confirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court. It’s time for citizens like you to put existing law into practice. As an analogy, the Supreme Court rejected segregation in 1954, and the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964, but it wasn’t until the 1970s that the state of Mississippi finally disregarded its own state law and followed federal law. People pushed the state government to conform to federal law, and the state government finally did. This is what NOR is empowering you and other people to do, all across the nation. NOR is providing the tools and resources, and backing you up to make the fundamental difference on rivers in your area and nationwide.

It’s a dramatically different approach from what you’ve probably heard before, but if you’re ready for change, take your stand and work with NOR to make it happen.

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